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Welcome to Squirrel & Co Ltd.

A Logistics Company


We specialize in Logistical Planning Services and Communications System Consulting.

What does 'Logistics' mean?

Well, in short, logistics is:

 ‘Adding an organization style to any project or conflict to achieve the desired result’

Is there something you have always wanted to implement or change, but were unsure of how; or simply didn’t have the time or resources to dedicate to the research and follow through?

That’s where we come in!

We are here to provide you with that extra edge you need.

From Cloud Based Systems, Live Operators, Promotional Event and Marketing Specialists, Event Marketing, Shared Front Office  (Our 'iSquirrel.co' product), Multi-Cultural Advertising Adaptation and Translation Marketing Service (we simply call that last one ESLAdvertising.com here at the office), the possibilities of what we will do for you are endless

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Our Popular Products




Complete Communication Systems Solutions

With iSquirrel.co you will get the assistance and feel of being a Monster Sized Company, but at a fraction of the cost.

Allow your staff to get more done by allowing Squirrel & Co’s Expert iSquirrel.co Representatives to attend to your communication needs with an array of products.

Communication Systems have come a long way, Squirrel & Co will select the one that will work for you!

An unbelievable number of options to choose from!

We offer plans starting at a Single User Account with no limit to the number of employees to add.

Video chat, Call forwarding, AI Bots and more are available….

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ESL Advertising

If English not your first language, but you want to boost your sales numbers in the USA; Squirrel & Co has you taken care of.

Join our ESL (English as a Second Language) Advertising Program and we will adapt your Ads to be highly consumed by NEW American customers

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Event Marketing And Promotion

From Everyday Corporate Events and parties to the Special Events that just take too much.

Squirrel & Co has you covered!

Submit an email so we can begin working on your special project TODAY!

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Town Cryer is where to find everything that's going on in your area!

Find Local Business, Entertainment, Special Events and MORE!

Join us for our BETA Launch SOON!

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Product Sourcing and Manufacturing

If you go through a lot of inventory or just reduce your cost, then Squirrel & Co Ltd. will fill your needs!

We provide Product Sourcing and Re-branded Merchandise Partners from all over the Globe. If you want it we WILL find it!

Do you have a NEW product for manufacturing, let Squirrel & Co. Ltd. find your best source for production, Packaging and transport.

Does your wholesalers mark up your purchases too much? GO DIRECT with Squirrel & Co Ltd.; cut out the middle man and become your own wholesaler.

Our service works for Companies of all sizes; order small or by the container full.

The SQUIRREL can do it ALL!